Le Corbusier. A Giant of 20th Century Architecture Hong Kong, City Hall 5 au 28 mai 2015


As the first major retrospective about Le Corbusier in Hong Kong, this exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to discover the range of Le Corbusier’s works.

Probably one of the most important architect of the 20th Century, Le Corbusier is one of the pioneers of modern architecture, with a career spanning five decades. His work can be seen throughout Europe, India and America, and his influence in the sphere of urban planning goes beyond boundaries and continues to influence architects and urbanists across the globe.

One of the most intriguing aspects of his life and work is the relationship between his engagement in art and his production as an architect. The exhibition will elucidate the way this complex relationship developed from his youthful study trips across Europe to his late work, suggesting resonancesbetween artistic work and architectural design through 5 chronologicalsections:

– Chaux-de-Fonds and First Forays into Europe (1887 – 1917)
– Paris: The Years of Purism (1917 – 1929)
– The Poetics of Vernacular and Major Projects (1930 – 1945)
– Artistic Synthesis (1945 – 1957)
– Retrospection and Creativity in Final Works (1957 – 1965)

“Le Corbusier really believed in the idea of progress, and how it can and must remain a determining factor in political and social planning. He was an architect who wanted to make progress in humanity. Through this exhibition, one will understand more about Le Corbusier and why he was so important in the 20th century,” stated Mr. Pascal Mory, curator of the exhibition.

More than 200 pieces of exhibits will be presented in the exhibition, showcasing the world of Le Corbusier through his works in architecture, art, sculpture, and writing.

The exhibition will be presented in the iconic Hong Kong City Hall, designed and built in the “International Style” which Le Corbusierpioneered.

An exclusive 160-page catalogue will be released with more than 200 impressive photos featuring manuscripts, architectural designs and less-known objects created by Le Corbusier, showcasing his career throughout the 5 chronological sections. Pascal Mory, curator of the exhibition and architect himself, is interviewed about the life and work of Le Corbusier, whereas Eric Mouchet, a French gallerist, will shed light on Le Corbusier as an artist.

Presentation:Le Corbusier- A Giant of 20th Century Architecture

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